The Lines of Inner Child, Pedophilia, & kink Pt.1

When the spiritual connection of the child like nature within has been disconnected by the obligation of growing up and taking responsibility in reality that was never created for the wellness of all but the benefit of an oligarchy; the individual will often retreat to a mental psychosis of not keeping ahold of their childhood, but completely leaving the nostalgia behind in order to cope with being full grown. Is there really a difference in a child and an adult other than puberty & maturity? (Respectively asking.) 


    The inner child is within us all, crying, screaming to be set free from the captive of one’s on internal battle. The inner child is waiting to be awakened; to be nurtured in the physical vessel so that it can produce, invent. The child within is the life force of pure consciousness; Untainted of religion, societal stigma & the duality of masculine/feminine. The child is often neglectedtime for play. In ancient cultures, before its destroy by the Western philosophy (patriarchy governed), The inner child was represented by the child-king Horus, in Kemet (Egypt)*, Shiva (Eastern Cultures depicted with an older woman, usually a consort), Jesus (Christianity Mysticism with Mary Magdalene); Just to name a few.  The child will act out of what’s suppose to be the adult mind in order for the individual to heal the wounds that were glossed over and forged to be forgotten; Like this information of Ancient teachings.


    “If the inner child is the connection of oneself, how did the molestation of it become exploited?” - A Question I asked myself a year ago while meditating in the sun.


Theory: When the raids of ancient scripts where taken from the tombs and temples of the communities that were mature with sexuality and embraced the divine feminine as well as honoring the child consciousness of humanity, They were misinterpreted & taken to the aspect of what is spiritual to be dominantly physical. Without true consciousness and enlightenment of the worlds within, The thieves depicted the sacred texts with twisted understandings. Which leads to the Pope & other priests doing rites of passage with little boys because of the physical child consciousness and not tapping into the consciousness within. The exploitation lead to pedophilia and the infatuation of physical purity of never been touched, when the texts were hypothetically speaking of touching ones one inner child to awaken the inner child to create.. The individual must awaken themselves, not molest.


Pedophilia is not a kink.


As a sex worker, There are many times I’ve witness my clients revert back to the inner child, not to be taken advantage of, but to seek guidance of the wise woman within me, the mother channel; because all men come from vagina, the blood of the Virgin. Healing the client (particularly men) from any past transgression that was left open and inflected by the spiritual body, mental psyche. I deal with many different ailments and transform the negativity into healing, soothing energy; allowing the past to be forgiven. At that given moment, I am their mother, allowing them to go back into the womb, to ascend to the bliss state before having to deal with the strife of the world that is all an illusion. I am a consort of energy, a vessel of unconditional love - moving, restoring and everlasting.


Eden Marquis, The High Priestess