Bibliophile: Eden's Library

   I said it, and now I finished it. These books have helped along the lines of my work. I have not plagiarized any of the content to create any previous passage. My work is original and mine; I'm proud of that. I wanted to give my readers an insight to some books I've read that has helped with the inspirations I've received. These books aren't necessarily sex work related, so anyone can read them in the context of their own liking. I will be adding to this list periodically; requests are welcomed for certain topics. May this enlighten you, may this bring healing.





Women Who Run With the Wolves

     I recommend this book highly because of the well written connection of the human psyche and mythological stories personified. The author shares the deeper meaning of stories passed down from generations across the world. Some familiar, such as The Ugly Duckling & The Dancing Red Shoes. The symbolism that she shows de mystifies what has been overlooked for centuries by men and women alike. Stories and archetypes are heavily embedded in human understanding; somewhat of a copping mechanism personified for psychological development.





Sexual Secrets ( By Nik Douglas & Penny Slinger)

     This staple in my library focused on the technique of tantra and kama sutra. It teaches yoga, breathing techniques (which is also helpful for ridding the soul of past karma, if you're into that kind of thing.) tantra poses and much more. This book of energetic alchemy has been updated for the modern world, so the information will be relevant for today's society. It shows how powerful the body is; it creates life, demolishes, and renews - others and self. It's altruistic, honest and straight to the point. 




Dancing in the Flames

     Before I even read this book, I was interested in the darker aspects of myself, developing from transgressions and often allure of the shadow self; this book covered a lot of the unexplained phenomenas in my life. This is about the underground Black Virgins, The Black Madonnas from Europe & Spain. This figure is still worshipped today by the clergy; Popes of generations have kissed the feet of a statured black woman. I enjoyed this read because the word black is used in many contexts; from people, to psyche, to spiritual understanding. It covers the Dark Goddesses of many cultures and spiritual sects. What does she mean? Who is she? What does she represent? How does she present herself in the minds of people? Are a few of the questions answered. I enjoyed it! Please don't shy away if you aren't a heavily melanated individual, this novel has something to teach everyone, no matter their ethnicity.




Sacred Sexuality (By A.T. Mann)

     Another good read for a rainy day. It reads like a school text book with plenty of vivid images, cited quotes in the index with additional information for the studious adventurer. It covers the Egyptian Neteru, Black Madonna, Tantra & Kama Sutra, Babylonian,Mesopotamian & Oriental connections of sex and the origins of our favorite practices. It's earthy. I recommend this book because of its clear understanding and historical coupling. It's informative and not vague while still giving the reader freedom of thought. 






The Book of Chakras: Discover the Hidden Forces Within You

     I recall in the year 2012, going to the book store and finding this gem. It's very informative and has an in-depth meaning of the chakras, which body parts it effects (positively & negatively), crystal association, smell activation and much more. It reads like a sociology book to me; lots of photos and detailed paragraphs for the beginner chakra learner. It's updated and easy to understand for those who are willing to tap into the energy centres of their body. Through out the book, there are questions given to the reader to reflect on. There is also an index for more information.