Autumn Equinox: The Renewal

     The Autumn Equinox began the 22nd of September, the turning over of harvests and its celebration. In the material (physical) world, the second equinox of the year is shown by the brightly colored leaves gracefully twirling to the ground, the crisp harbor like air and the transition of the world dying again. All living things get rid of something that is no longer suiting them.

     The internal mechanism of the human mind transitions with the seasons, which displays itself in common symptoms such as

  1. Shedding of skin
  2. The cold (sickness)
  3. Cleaning the house, social contact list & riding of relationships

Conscious or subconscious, change is inevitable! And it's happening around everything from the planets to the bears preparing for hibernation. I'm very inquisitive concerning nature, it's a very pure form of watching the rotation of the seasons and how nature responds to itself. 

     There is always a spiritual element of the season I'd like to briefly cover. For the Autumn turnover it denotes the attributes of gathering everything that has been planted in the Spring, which manifested in the Summer and reaped in the Fall. When I think of Autumn the pilgrims and the indigenous Americans come to mind; how they celebrated surviving a pervious harsh winter (a very condense version, I know).

     I said that example because it reminds me of how the indigenous people knew the land and how the seasons affected their lives and environment; taking necessary precautions to preserve their nations. 

How does this relate to spirituality? 

     The spirit is the breathe that life gives to all living creations. The breathe (spirit) is life. This autumn I plan on:

  1. Getting rid of old possessions
  2. Focusing on my appearance goals 
  3. Mediating and writing more.


Eden Marquis, The High Priestess