The Lines of Inner Child, Pedophilia & Kink Pt.2
      " What's done in the dark, comes to light. "

The Duality

     Sex is a key essence in life. It's how everything was created since the crack of sunlight; back when Tiamat was slain in the Mesopotamian mythology. From the stars and planets to the plants and life forms; sex or the union of two opposing forces combining. To touch & be touched - without holding guilt or shame from the action. It's natural. Doing what we naturally do. We secrete and create.

     It's what I consider a hidden pleasure in the broad day light. To be merry, exuding the joys of a mature enough body. That's pleasure, that's what's wanting to be shared. In art, music, & visuals. It's an earthy display of showcasing  "This is I. In my full entity. " It should be admired. It should be celebrated. For remembering all the good that comes from it. Ravishing in the sacred while simultaneously dismantling the vulgar and exploited.

     Sensuality & eroticism are still alive, but a dying art. It is an art form when done right. These in two distinct parts, but not limited to (with/out a camera): Yoga & the Tantras. Yoga means the joining of two parts as one in another translation duality or natures in one vessel. Yoga can be done alone or with a partner. A forming or training of the flesh whilst communicating with the higher self. The Tantras can be seen as a more explicit yoga; which also can be done alone but typically with someone else. Its practices incorporates postures/poses that can inflict death while in the sexual act; teaching both partners that death is bliss as sex is bliss. The Tantras are dangerous, and must be practiced with good intentions and a clean mind. it is vital! 

     Tantra teachings holding on the the secretions of bodily fluid (semen), and using the substances as a way of nourishing the body. Of course I agree with the Tantras because I fully understand its teachings to the point of using my own words to articulate its meaning. I enjoy practicing tantra and yoga alone because of the interconnectedness. To feel myself inside my body, to control this body of flesh, to sense it rebelling and its submissiveness to myself. Pleasure, sex and bliss. I am one in my entity.

The Adversary

     Asexual artists & seekers are opposed to such. When it is seemed that it's easy to do what the body already does, yet it's the hardest for them to do. I've noticed such asexual artists  (by definition) result to exuding amounts to sexuality in art is crude, is an exploitation. They are entitled to their opinions and these are my observation on such conversations and opinions.

     Asexual people can provide evidence for their truths, as for all things under the Universal Law of Chaos. Since human walked the planet and manipulated for capitalism, not all sex has been used for altruistic purposes; negatively impacting one's perception of such. Regardless of religion or spiritual doctrine (or lack thereof) social context clues and culture incorporates plenty in how one view themselves, their sexuality and how they relate to their community as a whole.

    Without wanting to be another one who only has their sexuality for profit; sex is always for sale. And one with such views aren't buying it! To be more than just a body, by denouncing ever having connections to it are a deceptive intelligence within itself; a matrix, a trap. How? When having a  physical body isn't acknowledged it hinders the possibility of ever tapping into the metaphysical body. There are boundaries that should be respected depending on the individual; and I as well as you should honor it. 

    I question if Asexual people whom have completed puberty and over 17 ever go deeper in there own thoughts to why they deeply feel that way, why is it they reject sex as either for themselves or to be depicted as art. Recall earlier in this post when I said ravishing the sacred, possibly they are only comfortable with sex in private, or not spoken about; Pandora's box. 

The Complex

     I was able to gather more information upon the subject of pedophilia, or child sexuality as they would call it. Obviously, it should be handled as a mental illness. Children are asexual until a hormone called the gonadotropin-releasing hormone is in the pituitary gland (which is also associated with the pineal gland AKA the 3rd eye.) and releases itself in the bloodstream activating two more hormones letting them know it's time to transform this being into an adult.  Children are Asexual. 

    Asexual (adj)- Without sexual feeling or association

    A pedophile I once stumbled upon & in shock at their honesty which is appreciated because I now can draw conclusions from that conversation many years ago. They sexually enjoyed children because of their lack of bodily secretion. In so many words it hinted to duration. The same teachings that are used in the Tantras, holding the ability to secrete as a life force and using it as a will to manifest supernatural into 3-D AKA LoA(law of attraction). When a child being asexual, lacking the ability to be stimulated or release; they are subjects to abuse.


My questions:  If pedophilia or child sexuality is a mental illness then what stimulated it to begin with( chemical imbalances in the brain)? Can it treated without giving into its desired subdue?

     Child trafficking is a subject I'd like to briefly cover. Children being sold and bought as play things which can easily be disguised as a trip to another state to visit a relative they've never met (an Uncle perhaps). Seeming innocent enough, but remember a child is not physical or mentally equipped for adult encounters and are more prone to distortions of the genitalia, rashes and bruises. 

My question: Would it be too much to give a medical exam or a form of physical search at hwy checkpoints and tolls as it is conducted in airport security?


- Eden Marquis, The High Priestess