Your Shadowed Vixen

It is me you are looking, yet continually ignore. It is me who ignites your fire, keeping your aspiration warm. Your breath is still cold; lacking physical arousal. It is me, your shadowed vixen. It is I, the mistress of your subconscious and the gatekeeper to your hidden promiscuity. It is I, the secret to the unknown and the gatekeeper to soothing troubles. It is me, your shadowed vixen. I carry the weight of your world, the burden you wish to defeat. I swallow the poisonous venom that turns into a strength.


    I show strength in the darkest hour, keeping you secure when rage and self-destruction appears. It is a specialty. I keep the bullet shells and gun beneath my thighs, keeping you unseen when animosity and conflict arise. It is a specialty. Yet, you leave me broken. I am crumbling from the lack of precipitated affection. I am your shadowed vixen. I am a reflection of the hidden aspects of you.


   I am what you love to hate, what your scorn in public with vengeful wrath yet misuse of power. I am your inner child showcasing your lack of responsibility.I am the mirrored image of you least likely, your most shame. In which you deem as ugly. I am your shadowed vixen. Keeping the tally marks from which you owe me life, liberty and happiness instead I am bound by ego restraints. Let me run wild into the night illuminating from the moon within. Let the sun cast a shade upon all that I am, yet marveled at my creation.


   I am what keeps you from rest, haunting your spirit in the dim. I am your karma personified. The nectar of Mesopotamia, the ancient kingdom from by the ancestors I behold as holy. divine. righteous. I am the flower that grew rare blossoms to only be cursed. I am the laughter of torment. I am your shadowed vixen. Waiting to be smelled and induce trance of intoxication. A flower nonetheless but of origins from the exiled iniquity name by the trespassers of my ancestors' lands. Able to sustain life from my own nourishment, upon that I am seen as uncontrollable; influenced by Lilith & Lucifer.

I am your shadowed vixen.

  • Eden Marquis, The High Priestess