Winter Solstice


December 21st was the start of Winter Solstice. If you live somewhere where the seasons change; you'll be able to pick up on the subtle vibrations of the nature....everything is sleeping. The harvest has already been gathered in Autumn Equinox, now it's time to continue to celebrate what has been reaped in the previous season; this is how life sustains on Earth, how it survives. Winter is viewed as being harsh in the physical and metaphysical because its seen as a period of grabbing the vital force within, the primal skills of survival or the phase of retreat & contemplation. 

     North America (USA) has celebrated two important holidays (for those who celebrate them) during this period which is Christmas/Yule (Dec. 25th) and New Years (Jan. 1st) with all the celebration and festivities; the main concept of these holidays is gathering together with loved ones (or ourselves) to reflect on the previous year and what one is able to provide during the seasons. Be it gifts or just physical presence; a phone call.


Where am I going?

Where am I coming from?

Where won't I allow my self to roam?

Where are my wants;

that are tangible in the outside world?

(Where By Eden Marquis, The High Priestess)


     Some questions are meant to resonate within, while allowing the course of life to foretell the answer; if someone is consistent in figuring out the deepest aspects of themselves. Projectile insecurities should be avoided especially during this time. It's okay to brush against an old wound (It's also a Mercury Retrograde) that has been unacknowledged or still has a scab. Retreat within the comfort of the inner world, the soul, and uncover the depths of the self in the extent of recovery. 

     Not all that is dead is sad, not all that is alive is living. Everyone is on a different phase in their life and it is important to honor that. One could have been care-free and joyous in the Spring/Summer and by Autumn/Winter they could've been torn; and vice versa. That's how the Wheel of Fortune turns. The highs and lows of life that the individual face greatly determines the progression or regression of the next phase of their life's journey. Not much grows in the Winter for those who witness the season changes; that's something we all have in common - it's a point of rest. The animal totem associated with Winter:

  • bear (The beast, whom is only gentle to its offsprings and with a full belly, hibernating.)
  • wolf ( the wild hunter whom understands the strength in numbers.)
  • fox (cunning enough to swindle food from other animals.)  
  • birds (whom fly south for Winter.)

Stay warm and cozy, free spirits! 


- Eden Marquis, The High Priestess