Ave Yoni

Sacred sexuality flowing within

& all around me.

I am Goddess,

I am.

Stripping me of all garments,

my energy consumes excess.

I am Fire,

I am.

Hypnotic trances & ceremonial drums,

Calling out the wild feminine.

Who is bold enough to answer?

I am Standing.

I am.

From the blood, 

I come from the mud.

Fell into Earth with chaos in my lungs.

A peace mantra of om, shalom.

From the blood,

dripping into human form.

I am Goddess.

I am.

Taste the talc from breath;

smell the iron.

From different creeds & nation

allowed to come together through the blood.

No martyr, sacrifice is not needed.

Each moon, yoni bleeds.

The world is saved. 


- Eden Marquis, The High Priestess