Black Moon: Lilith's Return

     The Black Moon has returned, and the energy tonight is seductive and precise, as the serpent of Lilith. In the Garden of Eden, there was an infamous tree that held daylight consciousness of deciphering what one finds acceptable and what one wants to moderate. Example:When Eve & Adam noticed they were naked and felt embarrassed; in that moment they realized they had the intelligence to cover up.

     Notice how nudity only became perverse when guilt was involved. With all things in the universe, everything is flipped with the meaning on earth. Example: red star=cool, blue star=hot. With that said, being naked was united with The Most High consciousness of no shame or guilt. The tree of knowledge led to a lower order or the fall of humanity; which wasn't exactly a failure, because humanity was given the option of developing the mechanical skills to survive beyond the garden and also emerge into divine beings on Earth.

     Although it was said that Earth was created by the blood of the slain dragon Tiamat, and the soiled bodies of existence was given the breath of the Judeo-Christian entity YHWH or Marduk (numerology 7). I give credit to Lilith for allowing the transition to a God-like knowing to what was once docile to the species Homo Sapiens. Although life is not easy, it is something that cannot be fully explained, but experienced.

"In a world full of Eves, I stand with women who wear serpents around their hips and paradise between their legs." - Pavana

Who is Lilith?

     Lilith was Adams first wife, his equal. Lilith was a demoness (a shadow angel); she wasn't made of flesh and blood, which meant she delved in the realm of the physical and the gases of the spiritual element of air, she still had the form of a spirit. Adam & Lilith were of different particles, but that was the only physical compound to level out the strength of a man & woman. The ego of a man and the stubbornness of a woman balanced out. 

     Lilith eventually left Adam because of the way they were making love. She didn't want to lay on her back for sex because it suggest that she was being inferior/submissive to Adam. It caused problems in their relationship; Adam and his succubi fighting about sex (irony)! Adam wanted YHWH to make Lilith listen to him, but she refused to obey the commands or her partners wishes, & she fled the Garden of Eden, using God's name in blasphemy and cursing Adam. Lilith was asked 3x by other angels to return to Adam, but she refused. Lilith is the Serpent and Lilith also represents the woman who wears the serpent, not tempted by it.

Why is Lilith called the Black Moon?

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      Lilith stayed by the Red Sea, consorting with demons and birthing babies she later killed out of hate. Lilith flew the world tormenting herself, pregnant women & seducing humanity to rebel against the Garden. Lilith is associated with Black Moon because she is the subconscious desires of human kind. In astrology, there is a Sun sign (advancements), Moon sign (emotions/intellect), black Moon sign (lilith/subconsious desires). Lilith effects the way people:

  1. Handle children (certain placement shows abuse).
  2. Approach to having sex
  3. What we find irresistible in another
  4. Drugs, alcohol, and other addictions
  5. Upbringing
  6. Darker, violatile aspects of the personality



Why is Lilith associated with the serpent?

     Lilith reentered Eden the form of a serpent. The serpent was originally associated with wisdom, renewal and the uprising of energy from the chakras called the kundalini. The serpent was held in high regards and still is despite the negative association of recent generations. The serpent is sexual energy manifested with the undertakings of the 7 chakras or the 7 heavens in the body. 

     In the story Adam and Eve (Genesis;bible), we entered the tale of just Adam and Eve, there are many missing chapters of the bible that were removed and left out important information, such as the story of Lilith. Eve ate from the tree, tempted by the serpent (Lilith) which awakened their sense of being. The 7 chakras or 7 heavens (how its stated in the bible) is the development of the Christ Consciousness. 

  1. Root ChakraColor: Red Location: Base of spine (cis/trans-women) near anus (cis/trans-men) Purpose: Primal survival, finances, independence.
  2. Sacral Chakra- Color: Orange Location: Lower Abdomen below navel, Purpose: sexuality, pleasure, accepting new and different people & experience. 
  3. Solar Plexus ChakraColor: Yellow Location: Stomach, Purpose: Confidence, self worth & self-esteem.
  4. Heart Chakra- Color: Green Location: Chest Cavity Purpose: ability to be compassionate to others/self, peace.
  5. Throat Chakra- Color: Blue Location: Neck Purpose: Communication, truth, expression.
  6. Third Eye ChakraColor: Indigo Location: Middle of eyebrows Purpose: intuition, imagination, wisdom, decision making skills.
  7. Crown Chakra Color: Violet Location: Top of head Purpose: inner & outer beauty, spiritual connection & bliss.


     Black Moon Meditation Ritual

     To honor this occasion of the Black Moon, Lilith and Christ Consciousness, a good Black Moon Ritual is to seek into the darkest of ourselves, from the 7 heavens(chakras), to the relations of those around us. Allowing our Lilith out to guide us to our weakness, known and unknown to develop the strengths within us. By acknowledging Lilith we allow transformation and healing to begin. 


  • Sit in a quiet space where one wouldn't be disturbed. Candles and incense are an option, whatever puts the mind at ease. 
  • Breath relaxed after 3 counts of inhale/exhale. Begin meditation breathing of holding in 3 counts then release.
  • After inducing a trance like state, begin to focus on the 7 chakras and how the darker aspects of the self effects each area.
  • This doesn't have a time limit, and if performed laying down one can receive answers within dreams or receive them 3 days to 3 weeks of length average. If sitting in the traditional position (see above rainbow image) one can have inspirations if opened to the possibility.
  • Write down vision. How did it effect you afterwards? Disturbed? Relaxed? 

( This will not work if close minded or have self doubt, a closed Solar Plexus Chakra). 


- Eden Marquis, The High Priestess