The Visit: Ice Cold

    "Being in a relationship has its benefits", Cassandra assured her friend whose been estranged from a previous relationship, but Fallon wasn't having it. Instead of explaining why she would prefer not speaking of her unexplainable phenomena so she smiled instead and said, "I guess you're right", while departing on the 7:15pm train to her Brooklyn home, she reminisced of the night before because it was of a greater climax within herself than expressed with another physical anatomy.

     Sitting next to the window at the very back of the subway was Fallon's favorite; Inconspicuous and unbothered. Fallon had became so obsessed with her solitude that she appeared lonely to others; so much so that those around her constantly paired her unwillingly for blind dates. With all the frustration and pressure from those closest to her, Fallon used her usually escape mechanism. 

     Subtly stroking her right nipple into a dagger. It felt amazing since Fallon was wearing no bra under her navy blue chiffon blouse. To induce more of a trance like consciousness, Fallon pulled out her iPod & headphones; she didn't care for any disturbances. She discreetly caressed her inner thighs, running her fingers inside her knee highs. Slow & steady was the motion of her touch, teasing herself into submission without much sound. She touched herself until arriving at her stop. She had aroused herself until she felt a wet spot in her underwear. While walking home, she could feel the brisk wind hit her where its warm; ice cold. 

*     *     *     *     *     *     *     *     *

     Comfortably laying on clean Egyptian cotton sheets; 800 thread count, Fallon nestled in her sleep. An eerie presence entered the dim room, gazing over Fallon as if she were its beloved; she was. The figure began to slowly pull the bed sheets, exposing Fallon's olive toned skin; the shadow being flicked its tongue picking up her scent of her moon's milk. It was one of its favorite smells because it was how it was summoned.

     It was a ritual to the creature, who remains unnamed. Being seduced by the vulnerable in efforts to restore itself and their victim of insatiable lust. The ghostly shadow hovered over the dead like body of Fallon. Watching her inhale, exhale; watching the pulse in her neck. Before taking another form, the shape shifter gazed their eyes on its beloved of the evening. Oh,how splendid was the encounter going to be. 

      Changing into a human, the incubi decided it was time to play. Sitting on top of Fallon, the incubi waited for her to awaken. Incubi hummed into the slumbers of Fallon, making its way into her dream state mind. Fallon recognized his presence while awakening; she couldn't move! She was familiar with sleep paralysis & the what was happening to her; he was her friend- otherworldly. Fallon allowed herself to be seduced by the perfect fantasy of what she wanted the incubi to be; a beast in every sense. Fallon continued to hear the hum in her head, as she witnessed her personal incubi devour her whole; with its tongue.

     Licking her waist, tasting human flesh; it reminded him of pomegranates; a demon's favorite next to apples. The incubi rotated its tongue all the way down to her yoni; swirling around her clitoris. Paralyzed from being in between reality & a dream, Fallon just laid there- unable to moan or move, the sensation that she wasn't able to react made her mind go berserk from ecstasy. The demon continued to pleasure her, sticking his long tongue inside her, moving her vaginal walls from the width. Tasting her yoni milk was strengthening him with each gulp. The incubi played with her vulva, teasing her pulsating lady bits with his nose. Fallon felt herself getting really hot; she tried to scream out loud, but her mouth didn't open. 

    "You like it, don't you?", The incubi teased while caressing her legs with his clawed fingers. The demon baron was delicate with her for he knew she hadn't imagined anything to the extent of his sadistic nature; he was gentle to his flower, and he was her bee. "You like me to visit you, don't you?", he teased again. He then let out a belly laugh as he looked into her coma like eyes, he was enticed. The baron continued until the peak of the sun. He turned to the window & sighed, "Until next time. You think you're ready for me to enter you?", He asked Fallon.

     He paused for several seconds listening to her response & then nodded " I'll give you whatever you can handle; to my gain and yours, physical pleasure." He licked her entire vulva, front to back & thumped her clit then smiled. " Until next time.. Until next time.. Until..", He vanished leaving only his voice to resonate in her head as she regained motion to her once useless body. She quickly sat up, she had a puddle of sweat on her back, and oozing milk running down her inner thighs. Fallon wiped the sweat from her forehead & shivered from the cold of her room, as if a window had been opened in the winter months; Ice cold.



Eden Marquis, The High Priestess