No Reviews

     To someone whom has been in the industry either as a client or a caregiver, eventually one will be introduced to giving and receiving reviews from various sites across the world. When I first began, with all things in physical life, there is a distinctive difference in learning when its kinetic.  

     I will not allow the writings of any review on any site and if there is one of me, whether positive or negative; I would appreciate someone telling me so I can have it removed. As a companion, intimacy and connection cannot be explained in a write up, often displaying how well someone sexed them and nothing more. Reviews can be helpful and I support those in the industry who seek reviews; that is not the path I take.

     I would like it to be honored that I don't want to partake in the review culture and stand against it in my own right. If you're a potential client, I ask that to be respected.


-Eden Marquis, The High Priestess