What's a High Priestess & Why I Call Myself That

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     A High Priestess is someone who embodies the duality; standing in the middle of light/dark, good/evil. The High Priestess is the feminine version of a High Priest. How she chooses to display her wisdom is up to her; for she is either self initiated or in coven. The High Priestess is a voyager, a confident vessel that has allowed herself to enter the darkest part of her psyche; to face the inner most workings.

     I am self initiated since 2013 (keep in mind the years prior of studying, detoxing and rewiring my inner workings just to devoting myself to the esoteric.) I call myself a High Priestess because of the darkness I've faced and have the intuition to find the light within. Battling my inner demons & making peace; transmuting negativity to my advantage all the while making peace with the vibrations of love & positivity.

     My journey of self initiation has allowed me the privilege to break stronghold that was before me - creating and innovating what is perceived as being what is. I allowed myself to be taken over; allowed myself to let go of restraints. The lower restrictions of fear, guilt, and shame had to be released for the wounds of sorrow to heal.



I learned I could heal. 

I am healing;

Others and self.


I learned I could bewitch.

I am bewitching;

Others and self.


I learned duality.

 I am good & evil;

To others & self.



- (The High Priestess by Eden Marquis)


     To have the ability to sense my own spiritual awakening is a joyous celebration; I look at life completely different than before while still appreciating death. I now know I can always reach the after life like bliss through transcendent tantra and meditation; there is a such thing as unlocking heaven on earth.

     Once accepting my existence on earth for what is it is, I was able to cultivate the inner essence of my existence. I listened to my intuition for guidance; my inner light. There, in the garden deeper aspects of the psyche was there a welcoming echo of my once lost inner child, beckoning me to play with her. The garden was filled with lush green vines wrapped around decaying stone in a domed shaped outdoor cathedral; that was my spiritual playground. While having this vision, I recall seeing fuchsia flowers budding on the green; A sign of spiritual awakening. The sun glared between the stained glass ceiling. My inner child was by a dried water fountain, holding a ball of light...

I had to find myself again.

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     Being a High Priestess is not just a title that is restricting; it's fluidity allows the carer to creating new traditions with the power for it to be consistent and permanent. I don't mind titles, because from that I can infuse my own character to break what another might think a High Priestess is or should be. There is no limits to the things I can do, and I don't take the title for granted; it holds heritage, culture and a story - my story.

   The High Priestess is the conductor of spirituals; the energetic forces internal and external of the body. She is above the man, The High Priest; and he honors her out of respect for her wisdom and power. The High Priestess stands in between two paths equally. The left hand path for the tough lessons, trials, power  (EA ENKI) and The Right Hand Path for contacting the higher self and angelic protection (Archangels, Demiurge).

     The High Priestess can be self initiated (w/o a coven) or with a coven. She is a voyager, embracing her body to those she feel is close to. Her breast are usually depicted as hidden since her beauty is easily imposed upon, and tainted by the mind of the viewer, so she has to guard herself. On the other hand, she can use the distortion to her advantage, warding off those who are unsuited and drawing those near who want to suckle her. She is uninhibited. Adjectives are infinite, she is limitless.

     I appreciate the challenges I face; because I refuse to be what someone thinks I should be. I am confident in myself and know I am worthy of praise and recognition. I refuse to be a typical upscale, high end anything because I find it lacking the tradition and essence of total divine feminine. I am the one who runs barefoot in an open field, flashing all the ducks at the lake; while still getting dressed in my finest garments for a banquet. I am full of  life. A rebel with a cause, a voice for the mute/unheard, a friend and confidant. A lover, a jewel; a spiritual warrior. I am the High Priestess.

What is the Difference between a High Priestess and a Priestess?

     When doing rites of humility and testing of character in historical times, it all boils down to where the HP and P. chose to do business. The HP is among the rankings of nobles, scholars and royalty. An HP could be found servings the temples elites and giving charity to those in the common lands. A P. is allowed in the temples but she doesn't have the experience or nobility to service royalty; she mainly serves common folk. 

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     Although there isn't much distance between either except hierarchy. Given the most obvious reason, a HP isn't of a lower class even if she chooses to service them. Before the scrutiny of sexual energy and chaste, a priestess was of a worldy title. She had knowledge of the esoteric, occult information that wasn't released to the everyday individual; this tradition goes back into Mesopotamian practices.

     Before Greek alphabetical language, there has been images of the priestess that showed her doing her craft, be it a conductor of tantric meditation, witchery, divination, a librarian, an amazon ect. , she fully dedicated herself to what drew her spirit near - in rare cases, she has many forms and mastered all of them. In a High Priestess lifetime, she has access to the untapped energies of the Universe, because she is held to such a mentor position, she is required a great deal of study and dedication; more so than a priestess or high priestess in training.

What qualities does a High Priestess must have?


     Without a positive view of self, a High Priestess will succumb to the thoughts and impressions others may have of her; even those who are jealous of her. If she is to be in a position of authority, the High Priestess must be sure she can withstand the perils and stones that will come her way.


     It can get ones foot in the door allowing an abundance of inner & physical wealth to manifest. Confidence is knowing the self has the ability to get the hearts desire without a second guess. A pretty face may attract the masses, but confidence can help show a quality of a winner, a champion. A confident individual isn't concerned with belittling another for assurance for they already has a good self-esteem in tact.

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     A High Priestess must show she can lead those whom she draws near. Guiding them on their own life's journey while handling her own personal affairs. The HP will give words of wisdom when needed, while still giving the seeker the notion of independent thinking; She is to help, not make every decision for someone else.

Show Applied Knowledge

     One can call themselves anything without it holding much weight. As in this context, a High Priestess must put forth effort that she knows what she is doing; through her words, actions and people/nature relations. When first beginning, she must excel beyond the expectations of others; with doing so, she can allow herself the space to create and destroy what is needed and what should to be done away. With showing how knowledgable she is, she can be trusted.

Critical Thinking

     As humans, we all have emotions, but acting out on how one feels instead of analyzing a situation in its entirety can be detrimental in a crisis. A High Priestess should apply critical thinking in times of need instead of being swayed by the opinion of emotions. If the HP is already an emotionally lead individual, taking a step back to calm down before making a decision is important. We have a brain for a reason, let's use it!

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     An iron fist may get the point across with aggression, but  a compassionate word heals wounds and disciplines. It's a quality of self care which extends to others because the High Priestess understands we all make mistakes and shows kindness with transgressions. Although compassion shouldn't be taken for weakness, nor should a double edged sword of action should be taken as cruelty; any priestess has a right to defend herself.

Energetic Protection

    Because a HP dwells between the underworld and the material world, she is able to sense the unstable currents of those around, it is a must that energetic protection takes place to guard against spiritual attacks to the astral body & any ailments that can manifest into physical sickness; because all sickness starts as an energetic force.


A High Priestess' Affirmation: I am

I honor the light within the darkness,

Darkness within the light.

My heart is open,

My arms are welcoming.

I am.

I will conduct the vibrations 

of my higher self,

and transform my lower

into a calm beast.

I am.

I have infinite abilities.

I accept what I cannot change,

Change what I can.

I am love.

I am.

I am here, now.

The past is over,

The future hasn't happened yet.

I am here, now.

I am.

In a sad world, 

I will transmute into joy.

I am.



" With a twisted tongue, I can speak both sides of the truth. " - Priestess of Lyssa (Guild Wars 2)


I am the High Priestess.


-Eden Marquis, The High Priestess.