Music For Me

You wrote music for me,

I gave you pain.

I gave you pleasure.

Music for me.

I still long for you,

but music is all I get.


You listened to the crowd,

I thought you were an individual.

You thought I was a scapegoat.

I listened to your songs.

Music for me.


If I must hide my face,

I want my words to be seen..

They are more beautiful than me.

Music for me.


I can give you want you want,

in exchange,

I want to live in(ner) peace.


More music for me.


It's easy to sell,

but hard to break a shell.

Guarded; It's hard to sell,

but easy to sail.

Just be.

Music for me.


Are sure you want my maddening love? Combining like atoms,

fit like a glove.

Be not in a rush..

Patience, poetry for you.

Music for me.


The middle name of a classist,

Wealthy within..

Maybe it's me who is crazy

& withdrawn.

I'm not saddened.

Just play another song.


Eden Marquis, The High Priestess