Trail in the Fields

I ran on the trail in the fields today.

I left the garden and valley of secrets

I'm freeing my mind, okay?

No, I can't come back;

I must see death.


Just know I'm alive or not,

This whole world is an illusion.

Can we please stop blasphemy?

Or all we all doomed?


'Cause I cannot see clarity,

On the trail in the fields.

Is this life or is this strife?

Or are we all afraid?


Can we please take

heed to the bees?

And how they multiply.


I took to the trails in the fields today,

I wanted to find myself.

Got tired of what I am not.

Or mold into lies.


I sing a song of charity,

but I'm nothing more than

dancing daisies

& raging tulips.


Nothing more than a being, a soul

taking flight.

Morphing shapes in the sunset.

Bleeding reds & piercing yellows,

tangerine orange; I am a phoenix.


Free flight I took in the trails in the woods.

Nothing more melodic than my own thunder.

I love me, I set me free & I am my own hero.


Yes, I believe in God; showed me who I am to be.

'Cause I'm nothing faint,

Than this worldly taint-

I shall drink nothing but my tears.


Trail in the fields,

how you cut my skin

and mend me back again.

Showing me to love you

'cause this the life I choose, but not these

bruises that glow.


Oh, birds & trees-

they cannot compare to these,

Different trials & phases that I

constantly wear on my face & still...

I am on the trail in the fields.


Eden Marquis, The High Priestess