The Tantrika & The Universal Chaos: Energetic Exchange

     What is a tantrika & where did it come from; the meaning?    

    Tantra is a mystical practice that combines the mind, body, and soul in different practices to achieve Nirvana. It's a ritual text created from the 6th-13th century. Tantra consist of yoga, meditation (active/inactive), chanting & ritual work.

       A tantrika is a practitioner of the sacred tantrik arts. Although its Anglo-Saxon spelling is seen as tantric, It's originally spelt with a "k" at the end. To honor the origins of where it began, I will be using the proper term. The word tantrik resonates with the numerological energy of 3. This life path number represents the first Trinity/Triangle (Mother, Father, Son | Virgin, Mother, Crone | Spirit, Soul, Solid ect.) of intuition and harmony with people; which makes sense in an esoteric view point of understanding, because tantrikas are about the physical manifestation of enlightenment.

     The dakini/daka is of the Tibetan Buddhist sect. It's Sanskrit for "sky dancer". Dakini/Dakas are tantrik priest/esses. The word dakini derives from ancient India. To break it down more, the feminine tantrik practitioner is called a dakini while the masculine is called a dakaAlthough tantra exceed duality in what a man and woman is, and exalts the principles of both energies, it also foretells the natural urge within to see the souls essence - because people have both male & female attributes, but doesn't mean one is going to act on them. Overstand me. Energy.  


Tantrik's various spellings

     Depending on location in the East, there are many pronunciations and spellings of this word, I enjoyed this information because with each word is created by sounds. Depending on the region of a country and the remote settings, tantra has many names. Longer spellings such as:

  1. Taabank
  2. Tabarnak
  3. Tabaarik
  4. Taalaybek

Shorter spellings:

  1. Taak
  2. Taamik
  3. Tabek
  4. Taalak

Tantra's Purpose

     It is said that the usage of tantra satisfies the primal needs while incorporating the spiritual to reach a euphoria bliss that is orgasmic as well as enlightening. Tantrikas & dakini/dakas allow the playful and mischievous nature of tantra. The life and death force of regeneration. Allowing the yoni (vagina) and lingam (outer penis) to combine as one, like their soul to make an art of sound, motion, and harmony. Once duality has been acknowledged, it then can be passed because in tantra there is no dominate or submissive, only the giver and receiver- which both partners are.

     The tantrika is wrathful as they are joyous and is the consumer of all ego and ignorance. The spirit resides in a fleshly body, keeping it alive while the soul is the operator. The dakini/daka is usually depicted as being naked, but that doesn't signify sex as it does for other prudish teachings, it shows the original state of being. Tantra is more than just sex, it's connecting the body, soul and mind to the higher realms of the self. Beyond duality, male/female, good/evil, light/darkness; the dakini/daka is the conductor of the life force and the patron is the guest to restore equilibrium. 

Energy Exchange

     Conscious sex focuses on the energetic principles of give and take. Just like Vampiric partners who take more than needed, while depleting the other for days & weeks, one can soon notice who the energy fields are being effected by each sexual encounter and how to guard against it if needed. Not all energy exchange is crucial as one with a sexual vampire, the point is gain & create what was lacking before. 

     At least one conscious partner can guard against these attacks from themselves while restoring the partner without feeling depleted. While rejuvenating & connecting with both partners is usually taught in a tantra, there is also a way to keep from the feeling of being tired spiritually. Noticing when the mind is slipping into gray areas, not of boredom, but of low fuel. Sometimes is noticeable afterwards, but all and all being aware of the act whether it's for gain of not should give one the knowledge of being aware of the potency of having intimate relations.     


- Eden Marquis, The High Priestess