The Sacred Woman/ The Eternal Goddess

She is the embodiment of her divine light and destructive dark nature, deifying herself in her everyday rituals of self-worship. She is a goddess by choice as her vagina only limits her as a human woman vessel of intelligence and primal urges and needs. What makes her sacred is her ability to channel the Great feminine/masculine energies as well as conducting her own free will. She daunting without the need of displaying hyper sexuality. She IS just that!

 A sacred woman is dual depending on how she uses her creativity.

 Physical- tends to her wellbeing and the needs of others by allowing her latent talents emerge from the vital forces that are within her, using her body as the wand.

 Mystical- Where her powers are refraining of exposure but are displayed in her character; also can be referred to as the Inner Seductress.

These two parts are the basis of a woman who has tapped into her own sensuality and uncovered those taboo areas of her psyche that was once taught to be demeaning and dirty felt. She becomes the conductor of her own awakened self-love and how she displays it – through artistic creations or intercourse. The flowing waters of the sacred woman comes to terms with action/doing (masculine) and intuition/internal visions (feminine) using both as her fair hand. When the woman is able to feel the juices of her own eureka moments she is inclined to progress to acting out on these urges. These are the activated alignment of what once only had her average but to a goddess. All Homo sapiens have the intelligence for moderate thinking, but the Gods/Goddesses are those excel merely at their own questionings & discoveries while applying their new found knowledge to their lives, Dividing their old perception; being the merchant and Viking all in one.

There are many  names archetypes of the wild woman, sacred woman, the eternal goddess that have been around since the dawn of the solar star eclipsing light on planet earth.  Inanna, Auset, Ishtar,  Yemeya, Aphrodite, Diana, Ogun, Santa Muerte (ect) All represent the coming together of both halves of the divine goddess in her sun/moon aspects. She is vicious and animalistic as well as virtuous and radiating. She is of trinity within herself renewing the continuing cycle of rebirth.

The eternal goddess is radical love, spontaneous and mind altering. A goddess upon this world is not hard to miss. She is attractive from her intellect and physicality; whether she calls herself such or nothing at all, she is what the archetype of a “Goddess”; respectively speaking.  A sacred woman who embodies the many forms of the Goddess is in tuned with the seasonal changes of her metamorphosis in her life. From child of gold to silver haired crone, she has always listened to her inner voice, that gut instinct to navigate through life’s parodies and lessons. She is shunned and rejected, praised and awe. Balanced as wholesome.


- Eden Marquis, The High Priestess